Café Tangier

Café Tangier is Patricia’s first e-book, published by Amazon as a Kindle Single, and is the fruit of several winters spent in the Moroccan city of Tangier. Perched on the north-west tip of Africa, within sight of Spain, Tangier has long been a siren luring enchanted Westerners, occasionally to their doom. As a new arrival—and a single woman at that—Patricia also fell for its intoxicating charm, its dazzling white palaces and maze of alleys, its soaring minarets and shaded courtyards, while feeling disconcerted by customs and a mindset so different from home.

In this evocative memoir, she recounts how the culture shock of her first few days in Tangier—including a citywide festival of sheep sacrifice—merges into colourful expat life. For every wonderful new experience there is evidence of the country’s darker side: the corruption, the crime, the contradictory attitude towards women and sex. But in her ode to the city—part love letter, part history, part exposé—Clough shows just what it is about Tangier that keeps Westerners coming back.

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